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I Know - Chords


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I Know - Barenaked Ladies

G 320033                                                                                

Cadd9 032033

Am 002210

D 000323

E7 020200

F 003211

B9 021220

B99/F# 221220

A7 002020

verse 1:

G       Cadd9 G    

I know why I like you
Cadd9                G         Cadd9     G

It's 'cause of your clothing and your haircut

And 'cause you're racist.


G        F          G             F

I have a match; your face,
                      G           F              G

My asking you questions you can't answer

You want to box me?


(riff1: xx75xx, xx65xx, xx55xx, xx45xx)


Our world works in a weird way

I've heard them say a man with a beard may
              riff1                                                           D

Frighten children or dogs but a moustache scares me more

Verse 3:

Am      D         Am        D

I know why you bite me
                          Am           D          Am

It's cause of your canines and your instincts

And 'cause I kicked you


A       G        A         G

I have a bone to pick;
                         A         G                    A

Please go on the paper and fetch me my slippers

And stop meowing.


Man's best friend wags his tail and
Bares his teeth to the man with the mail and
Though he's frightened of thunder he never goes to war


B9       B9/F#           B9               B9/F#

Tell me what's the circumstance of circumcision?
B9                                               E7                  B9

And what goes in my daughter's pants is whose decision?
E7              B9           E7          F

I've seen the facts of inter-race relations,
B9/F#     B9       B9/F#             B9       B9/F#

Of see-through slacks, of cyber-masturbation;
B9   B9/F#      B9        A7    E7              A7

If a hundred monkeys each could get their own show,
E7            A7                 E7

Perhaps one day a chimp might say

You have faith, you just need to use it sayeth the Lord

Verse 1:

I know why I like you

It's 'cause of your sandals and your supper
and 'cause you're Jesus
Verse 2:

I have a match; your Dad, my dad has
Your picture right next to your mother's
And one of Charo


They hold hands up in heaven
And they say that their son's name is Kevin
But I read in a book somewhere that his name is Jack.

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